Idea Mail’s data centers have top-notch security and surveillance, with a reliable 99.9% uptime. Secure email hosting with encryption both at rest and end-to-end, along with S/MIME message encryption.



We believe in the power of words. That’s why we’ve created Writer, a powerful word processor available across all of your devices. Collaborate with teammates in real-time. Create elegant, inspiring documents for free.



Show lets you create, collaborate, present, broadcast, and publish presentations, the smarter way. We have premium templates and top of the line software. Show is complete with an app to control your slides. 

Create and present. Anywhere. Anytime.


Track your progress with checklists, create validations for data entry, and automate your everyday tasks—consider Sheets your new executive assistant. Prevent and analyze changes to your file by using user-level locks and audit trail. With default version backups, you’ll never have to worry about losing data.